[18:22, 15.1.2019] Nathalie: nathalie smrkovsky/acid lights2x 88×75//1x 102 /fotografien auf posterplakat/gekleistert 🙃
[20:05, 15.1.2019] +41 79 654 XX XX: 👍
[20:05, 15.1.2019] +41 79 654 XX XX Danke dir
[16:43, 17.1.2019] +41 79 654 XX XX: Sagst du mir noch wie gross die einte fotografie ist? 120 x ???
[16:43, 17.1.2019] +41 79 654 XX XX: 102 x?
[16:44, 17.1.2019] Nathalie: auch 88×102

Artificial light reminiscent of halls, tram depots, billboards flashing confused, passing cars, screens, interior lighting of houses. Where the light source comes from is usually clear, our eyes are searching for it and finding it in the brightest spot of the environment.
The night itself is often the subject of night photography. In the series Acid Lights, it was an attempt to get the light source on the track and to seek moments, in which the light transforms the night into a theater backdrop. The night is a necessary remedy to make these specific light and thus color sources visible.
Artificial light discolors the night and shows the world of a completely different side than daylight does.