Recovering from days we spent together seems to take a lot of time. I can’t just come back to my routine and leave everything I have behind. You are the reason why I keep scanning all those crappy negatives and even if it takes ages they still make me laugh, cry, or at least feel something. Everything seems so useless until I start looking at all those pictures I took, carelessly, while just being with you. I give you shelter, you give me shelter. Just the bare fact that we are together creates meaning and keeps us going. I can not understand any of this. The only thing I know is the eternal beauty I feel when browsing through memories of time we spent together. I love you.


There are allies out there. There are souls that want us to be alive. There is something that wakes us up every morning. Maybe it is not something. Maybe it is just memories, memories of good times that make us not want to die.